Custom Inlay

Examples of Our Precision Inlay Work
Catfish Keith
Catfish Keith Fretboard
Oragami Cardinal
Turtle Fretboard Inlay
Koi Inlay
Oriole Headstock
Oriole Headstock
PRS Back Plates
Vine Headstock Inlay
Body Vine
Body Vine 2
Conch Shell
Conch Shell Detail
Inlay Fiesta
Inlay Prep
Shell Inlay
Initials on 12th
Fret Marker Replacement
Bird and Moon
Stainless Inlays
Fretboard Markers
Beaver Body Piece
Abbey Road
Alice in Wonderland
Curiouser & Curiouser
OCG Logo
San Salvadore
California Tower
Monopoly Man Detail
Beatles Lyrics
Johnny Cash Fretboard
Monopoly Token

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Catfish Keith

White Mother of Pearl